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Here at Jack’s Cleaners, we invest in some of the best dry cleaning equipment the industry has to offer. Fancy equipment aside, we’ve been in business since 1977 because of one reason – we’re masters of the fundamentals. Any dry cleaner that knows how to clean clothing at the highest level knows the most important, and often overlooked, part of dry cleaning is the initial inspection. This is where we take stock of what type of care your garments need to have them feeling like new when you return to pick them up. We take this inspection so seriously that we’ve created our very own 7 point inspection process:

Reception: Once we receive your garments, we analyze the material and leave no stone unturned. We’re just getting acquainted with your garments in this part of the process, the aggressive part comes next.

Pre-Spotting: This is where our cleaning technician team analyzes your garments. Our team is trained to inspect every garment for stains, repairs, and discolorations, then sort each garment for its proper cleaning method.

Cleaning: After we clean your garments, we inspect them further to see if they need more time and attention. Some garments are stubborn and want to hold onto stains. But in the end, we always win.

Finishing: This is where we ensure your garments look and feel like new. Our finishers inspect the clothing inside out while they steam, alter, and restore them.

Final Inspection: We believe your garments can never have too much attention. That’s why after the finishers do their thing, we put your garments through a final inspection to ensure top quality.

Assembly: You know how some dry cleaners magically lose people’s clothing from time to time? Yea, that doesn’t happen here. Our assemblers will re-check your items and scan them to our computerized racking system so that no garment is left behind!

Packaging: You thought we were done inspecting your clothes? Of course you did. It’s because you’re used to other dry cleaners not providing you exceptional service. Our packagers do one final inspection before they package your garments in our biodegradable bags.


Some people mistakenly believe that frequent dry cleaning will degrade their clothing and fabrics. In fact, it is much easier on garments than traditional cleaning. Dry cleaning uses lower temperatures and less agitation than traditional cleaning, resulting in much less wear and tear. Dry cleaning solutions also minimize shrinking and swelling of fabrics and can help to preserve the original shape and texture of the item.

Traditional cleaning at home results in stretched out clothing, faded colors, frayed seams and sealed-in stains. It is oils, fragrances, sweat, hair products, food, beverage stains and other external contaminants that cause a garment to degrade. These problems are nearly nonexistent with professional cleaning, since years of research and expert experience go into the process. If anything, dry cleaning extends the life of your wardrobe.

The all-natural products used at Jack’s Cleaners are extremely gentle, protecting the color and delicate finishes of your garments, including silky sheen, waterproofing and wrinkle-free textures. Protect your wardrobe with professional dry cleaning — it will prolong the life and luster of your clothing!

Jack's Cleaners Master Dry Cleaner
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