Eco-Friendly Cleaning


Traditional dry cleaning methods are dangerous. Plain and simple. Not too long ago it was common practice to use gasoline and kerosene to clean fabrics, as weird as that sounds.

Truth be told, most dry cleaners are offering cleaning alternatives that are only slightly better than those antiquated methods above. Perchloroethylene, colloquially known as “perc”, was used to replace the gasoline methods of the past. Unfortunately, perc is a known carcinogen and wreaks utter havoc on the environment. And yet, that dry cleaner you used recently? They probably used this chemical to clean your clothing. Scary, right?

Here at Jack’s Cleaners, we want to protect you and the environment, that’s why we couldn’t rest until we found a green dry cleaning alternative to the harmful chemicals used by our competitors.

Thankfully, researchers have developed what is known today as SYSTEMK4 – a safe, effective cleaner that is gentle on fabrics and gentle on the skin. It was favorably tested by dermatologists and has proven to be a better cleaning agent than both traditional solvents and other green cleaning processes. In short, this way of cleaning protects you, the quality of your clothing, and  the environment.

It makes one wonder why all dry cleaners don’t adopt this cleaning method (hint: it would cost them more money). Fortunately, we don’t care about the cost we must incur to protect our patrons and mitigate the damage done to the Earth for future generations.

We’re committed to providing you with the best dry cleaning service imaginable.

If you’re ready to experience the difference, stop by our location today!

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