Shoe & Handbag Care


Our outfits are nothing without our accessories. That’s why Jack’s Cleaners also extends its service to your accessories. Our handbag restoration and shoe repair service is exactly what you’re looking for.


Your high-quality handbag should last a few years, but we’ll help your handbag last longer while looking it’s best! With the level of handbag restoration service we provide, you’ll leave with your handbag looking like you just ripped the tag off.

This is done by conditioning the leather, cleaning it and shining it. These methods are necessary in order to replenish natural oils in the leather.

All of the above work will be completed by one of our professionals. They will diligently work to check for and repair minor tears and torn seams inside and out.

Additionally, we also make simple, or cosmetic, repairs such as shortening straps, mending seams on both the inside lining and on the outside, fixing broken toggles, and replacing zippers and clasps.

Yes, it’s a lot of work but it’s absolutely necessary to ensure your handbag leaves with the glow it had when you first purchased it.


Like handbags, quality footwear lasts a long time and we can help your shoes last even longer.

When you bring your shoes to us, our experts will inspect them for any sign of wear and tear. Once the problem areas are identified, we work to refurbish your shoes until they are back to like-new condition.

Our experts will clean and shine your shoes, repair stitching, replace soles, and match the color to any areas that are worn. If the shoes are leather, they can shrink, or stretch the material to ensure a proper fit.

Jack’s Cleaners can help you save money on replacement accessories by providing excellent care and maintenance for your existing accessories. Whatever it takes to make your shoes and bags perfect for you, we will happily do.

If you’re ready to experience the difference, stop by Jack’s Cleaners today!

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