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Jack’s Cleaners was built on the business of cleanliness. With the current covid-19 pandemic, we take pride in continuing to stand by our values through practicing safe social distancing and taking the proper precautions to protect our loyal customers and our staff. Take advantage of contactless pickup and delivery by downloading our app!
Jack's Cleaners: Best Dry Cleaner in Pasadena

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Dry Cleaning

We've been in business since 1977 because of one reason – we’re masters of the fundamentals. We have created a 7-step cleaning process that guarantees your satisfaction: Reception, Pre-Spotting, Cleaning, Finishing, Final Inspection, Assembly, and Packaging.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning uses water as the main cleaning solution and is the safest professional method of washing your clothes, due to the lack of harsh chemicals that can pollute you and the earth.

Jack's Signature Shirt

Our Jack’s Signature Shirt Service will help make your favorite shirts stay in like-new condition for years to come. With a thorough 3-step inspection, we guarantee every shirt brought to us will be a Jack's Signature Shirt service.

Pasadena’s favorite dry cleaner can help save your life and the environment

Here’s the problem with most dry cleaners–they lack amazing customer service.

They probably clean your garments to your liking and maybe smile while they serve you, but they’re doing this while also adding dangerous chemicals to your clothes and polluting the environment in the process.

We don’t think that’s great customer service. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, because that type of service can actually hurt you and leave your garments smelling like chemicals.

At Jack’s Cleaners, not only do we provide exceptional services quickly, we also are one of the few eco-friendly dry cleaners in Pasadena. That means we clean your clothes the natural way without all the cancer-causing chemicals and protect the environment in the process.

When we say we’re Pasadena’s favorite dry cleaner, it’s because we’ve faithfully been serving the community since 1977. And well, people keep coming back for a reason.

Our eco-friendly services are just one of the many reasons the Pasadena community loves us so much. We have much more services that can make your beloved clothing feel like new.

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